The OPCI RFA is our specialty… our know-how in designing bespoke OPCIs together with our strong experience in real estate investment allow us to develop vehicles that are uniquely suited to the needs of our clients.

Our Activity: A "bespoke" approach to OPCI vehicles

Halieutis Partners is a private and independent real estate investment advisory firm licensed and regulated by the AMF to design and manage real estate collective investment vehicles in the form of OPCIs.

OPCIs are non publicly traded real estate investment funds, with a legal form similar to commonly known collective investment vehicles in transferable securities - OPCVM (UCITS: open-ended funds and unit trusts).

At Halieutis Partners, we have specialized in the design and management of OPCIs with « Streamlined Investment Rules » dedicated to a limited number or a category of investors (OPCI RFA dédié).

License n° GP-11000036 from the 21st of November 2011.