OPCIs are regulated investment vehicles with strong governance attached to their by-laws. They are also flexible tools that allow for a number of benefits in terms of diversification and taxation.

Definition: Organisme de Placement Collectif en Immobilier
Real Estate Collective Investment Vehicle

Organisme - Vehicle
More general than a « company » (SPPICAV & FPI)
Placement - Investment
Investment tool
Collectif - Collective
Investment diversification among a number of investors
Immobilier - Real Estate
Acquisition of real estate to produce income (=rents)


Company’s object/purpose of OPCIs – L. 214-90 RGAMF

« The purpose of real estate collective investment vehicles is to invest in real estate leased out to third parties or the construction of real estate exclusively for rent, held directly or indirectly, including forward sale contracts, all other mechanism needed for its use or disposal, carrying out any kind of refurbishment on this real estate, notably operations of construction, refurbishment, redevelopment with the view to rent it and, possibly the management of financial and depository instruments. Real estate assets cannot be acquired exclusively with the intention of selling them. »


They may take two legal forms...


…with two different tax treatments:


There are various types of OPCIs:

Halieutis Partners exclusively designs and manages OPCIs with streamlined investment rules (OPCI RFA) of SPPICAV type.